Brave New Word Analysis Essay

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Brave New Word Analysis Essay

Huxley’s Brave New World expresses a few very unorthodox ideas and themes of society. His world becomes a place of sex, drugs, conformity, and consumerism. What’s different from our reality? Each of these elements is taken to the extreme. Drugs are the only source of happiness and pleasure. Sex is no longer associated with emotional feelings and intimate connections. Conformity breaks all individual thought and creative ideology, and unchecked consumerism kills desire and competition among peers. All of these things are pushed far beyond the limits of ordinary indulgences in order to keep society oblivious and under control. Today’s society is already becoming a society void of thoughts and emotions as predicted
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Casual sex is becoming more and more popular among single people, and exclusiveness is being thrown out the window. The media keeps pushing people to be more open and live a life without worry or consequence, which in turn, causes people to act and not feel. In Brave New World women are pushed to have sex with any suitors, and they are told to be promiscuous. In their youth, sex is taught as a recreational activity to be had at any time. By encouraging this promiscuity, the government regulations use sex to fulfill society’s desires and remove passion and competition among the people. When love and power are no longer present, an uprising has no inspiration. “Brave New World has its own gentler punishments: for non-conformists, it's exile to Iceland, where Man's Final End can be discussed among like-minded intellects” (Atwood). If the worldly pleasures do not satisfy the public, then they are sent away from the easily influenced to a place where they can freely philosophize. By allowing the citizens to indulge in activities that please them, they will never feel the need to leave or question the provider, which in turn is the most effective way to maintain control of the people dwelling within the
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