Brave New World Alienation Analysis

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Josh Koepp Mrs. Peterson AP English IV September 2nd In the novel “Brave New World” Aldous Huxley writes about the perfect world where everyone is happy. Brave New World contains multiple different scenarios that contain alienation and other forms of isolation. John is an outsider in both the reservation as well as the World State which causes the reader to realize he is the most rejected character in the book. As soon as we meet John in Brave New World he is the only main character to grow up outside of the World State. When Bernard visits the savage reservation in New Mexico you learn that John is shunned from the savage people and is not allowed to participate in the rituals and ceremonies. John is well versed in Shakespeare which he…show more content…
Although he does not fit in or agree with any of the morals of the New World John tries his best to adapt himself to his new environment the best he can. John is so used to being around the savages he cannot get himself to become accustomed to the New World beliefs such as soma which is to be thought of as “Christianity without tears”( Chapter 17 page 162 ) according to Mustapha. Huxley uses Soma to symbolize the use of technology and science to show the kind of effect it has on a population. John completely disagrees with this idea and decides he wants to follow God and live a real life instead of conform to the New World values. When John decides to live alone in a lighthouse his life become the most isolated and exiled it has been in the entire novel. John cannot deal with the ideas of the New World so he takes part in a form of self punishment to rid himself of the impurities of the New World by whipping himself. This only draws more attention to himself and his lighthouse which was the complete opposite of what he wanted in the first place. John eventually feels so horrible and terrified of what he's become he hangs himself only to be discovered by more reporters coming back the next day to find him. In Brave New World John the Savage plays a role of never being able to fit in no matter where he goes. John is unable to adapt because he cannot conform to the environment he is placed
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