Brave New World Character Analysis

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Yousuf Sajid
Module 2 Activity 8
1. Although they were raised very differently, Bernard Marx and John the Savage are both dissatisfied with the society of the brave new world. What qualities do the characters have in common? How are they different? Compare their strengths and weaknesses.
The novel, “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley is a story set six hundred years in the future. The world shown in the novel emphasizes on social peace and stability in which emotions, love, and real relationships are hardly found. John the savage and Bernard Marx are among the main characters of the novel. Bernard Marx is an Alpha male and is a citizen of the World State. John the Savage, born on the Savage Reservation is the son of the Director and Linda. Bernard Marx and John the Savage are both dissatisfied with the society of the
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The purpose of Huxley to put Mustapha Mond in Brave New World is to make the novel more interesting and extra fictional. Since there is no canon in the World State which could handle problems related to the societies, there has to be someone that could do it to ensure the stability of the societies. This is one of the reasons for Huxley to include Mustapha Mond in Brave New World. Besides, if Mustapha Mond doesn’t exist, the thoughts of the society would have been ruined through the publishing of the myriad works related to science which leads to severe mayhem among the societies of the new world. Apart from that, Mustapha Mond is put in Brave New World so that there is someone who can manage and control a small part of the new world to ensure that the society is always safe and happy. If Mustapha Mond doesn’t exist in the novel, it would have sounded a bit too ridiculous because it would make people wonder that how could the world be in such peace and stability with no one ruling over it. Besides, there has to be someone who knows a bit about the old world in order to keep the societies away from the factors that could bring harm to the new
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