A Brave New World Passage Analysis

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Option to which the task is linked to: “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley
Title: John’s Farewell letter: “my deepest thoughts”.
Text type: Personal letter

In order to show John’s perspective in the development of “A Brave New World”, the text type chosen is a letter about the story John lived since he got to The New Word, until his end. The tone used was a pessimistic sad tone due to the circumstances that John was living when the people that received him in the new world were trying to turn him into something he never learned to be.
This letter hopes to address a teen-adult audience that will understand better John 's position and feelings.

In this letter an intimate personal language was used, moreover we can consider it informal
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Dear world:

Certainly I have a lot of things to tell you after all this journey I have made. My name is John, known as “the savage” and this is my story. If you’re reading this, it is because I have already made the most important decision of my life.

I came here to meet my father, who abandoned my mother in a reservation when she was pregnant. After we got here my mother decided to stay long under the soma effects, even being conscious of how dangerous it was and that it could kill her. These people is insane, they don’t feel or even worse, they don’t care about losing somebody.

After I arrived, it was like if I were the principal attraction for everyone, they made me feel like if I were a freak, even when they were the ones that looked like that. When I decided not assist to one of Bernard’s parties, his fame ended. That’s when I started knowing better Helmholtz, that even though sometimes he made me feel uncomfortable, it was not as with the others.

One night, I was consumed by my thoughts when Lenina showed up. While I was talking about Shakespeare and feelings, she was only considering physical sensations and seduction, which I couldn’t handle, I was so upset. Right after that, I received a call telling me that my mother was at the hospital. When I got there, she was dying, I don’t understand well what I felt in that moment, but the loneliness and the whole in my heart were huge, she was all I ever
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All the way there, I tried to express my oppression and impotence, even when I knew I was never going to be listened about all the limitations they make their people face. That day I knew Helmholtz and Bernard were going to be sent to islands, out of all this damn hell.

Truly I say, I will never understand this place, and they will never understand me. I have a God, I have feelings, I have a mind and I am sure this perfect new world would be much better and truly happy if they learn to think beyond what they do, if they drop some tears.

I’m tired, I don’t know what I’m doing, I want to leave, I don’t want to be here anymore and they don’t want to let me go, I feel prisoner, I feel I can’t resist no more, they are trying to make me one of them and I don’t want to, I cant. That’s why I decided to stay as much far from this place as I can, I am trying to keep alive what I want inside of me, to stay alive this way.

Nevertheless, no matter how many times I try, I’ve ended up getting in the pain of soma, letting it get in my system and kill me slowly. But not even this gave me the strength to continue, because this isn’t a life for
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