Brave New World Feminist Analysis

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Another example of Huxley’s criticism of state control is through Feminism. This examination will show how the government takes complete control of the women in Brave New World and perceives them as objects. Sexuality in Brave New World is not complicated as it is in our society because in our society we have the need to label everything that seems different, labeling eases people. Citizens in Brave New World are forbidden to love anyone, they cannot become involved in a romantic or permanent relationship, and they must practice promiscuity and not monogamy. Promiscuity is still not accepted in our society but many people do practice it. Women who have multiple partners will be shamed and labeled as a “whore” contrary to men who will be cheered for their many partners. Orgy Porgy is an act in which the residents must participate in, they will have a lot of sex with a lot of people as a good time, they will receive pleasure from sex because they were condition to love it. Not only is having sex with anyone considered normal in Brave New World, but women are viewed and treated as objects. One example is the caste system that is made up of men and women…show more content…
The embryos that are selected to be in the lower caste (Gammas, Deltas and Epsilons) are deprived of oxygen and injected with alcohol to keep their intellect lower than the upper class (Alphas and Betas). With these modifications the government will then place the different classes to their appropriate job descriptions, jobs that these classes will adapt and learn to love. In the same way they will learn to despise the word “mother”. Mothers, fathers, and families do not exist in Brave New World because the word mother is viewed as a repugnant word. Suggesting it weakens the government, conflicting with its catchphrase “Everyone belongs to everyone else” (Huxley pg. 43). Is to say, mothers poses a threat to power and

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