Brave New World Individuality Analysis

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In the futuristic novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the concept of freedom and individuality in the Fordian society does differ from the current 21st century. The concept of individuality does not exist in the brave new world nor has it existed for many years. While in present 21st century, the concept of individuality is created by oneself, although, similar to the novel, there are factor in today's society that affects one's freedom. In the novel, freedom and individuality do not exist for their citizens. Even during the creation, their job, career, and social status have been defined for them. They don’t get the chance to decide what they want to do in life. Even worse, at a young age, they get exposed to various factors that will surround them in their work field and learn to despise factors that might influence their way of thinking such as the delta class babies who were electro-shocked when touching books and flower and eventually becoming afraid of them. Similar to their jobs, their emotions are influenced and controlled by other substances. As a new world society, they don't understand the concept of emotions, they only understand being pleasant and everything going accurately. If by chance, a person feels any other emotion than…show more content…
We are able to have our own emotions and learn from them instead of hiding or running away from them. In the 21st century, we are able to decide the way we want to go in our careers, but there are factors that might stop us such as family, financial or even personal problems. Although, similar to soma, drugs such as marijuana and alcohol make us forget about our problems and/or add happiness for a while but reality never goes away and eventually it's faced despite how terrible or how excellent it is. Also, freedom depends on political parties and certain countries. Some citizens live restricted country with less freedom than the New World
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