Brave New World John Character Analysis

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Chris Cox A Brave New World John is an interesting character in Aldous Huxley’s A Brave New World. In a way, he never truly had a home. He was never truly welcome anywhere he went. Huxley creates a character that represents an outsider, as he was looked down upon everywhere he went. John was born in the Savage Lands. The “savages” there had much darker skin, and John was treated as a social outcast, which resulted in him growing up closer to his mother. His mother was a “civilized person” that was left on the savage reservations. When John was brought back to civilization, he was looked on as a disgrace. John was written as a character the reader could really relate to, he didn’t know which faction was in the right. Civilization was an environment…show more content…
Although he was treated nicely, he never felt like he belonged. John had a tighter grip on reality since he read all of Shakespeare’s works. He realised that the outside world was nothing like Shakespeare described. John witnessed his mother die and then snapped, he realised that soma was the cause for everyone being too happy. No one ever felt sad, they were conditioned not to at a very young age. Mustapha Mond that getting rid of it was “the cost of stability”(pg. 225). In order to have a perfect civilization, they had to sacrifice most emotions, art, and science. John exiles himself to get away from civilization. He no longer wanted to be apart of the perfect society. He moves to an abandoned windmill. There he tried to be with himself and work towards a goal of surviving “After those weeks of idleness in London, with nothing to do, whenever he wanted something, but to press a switch or turn a handle,”(pg. 247). He was truly starting to feel good when the civilians tracked him down again. In one final outburst, he lashed people with his whip. After realizing what he did, he hung himself. John realized that he would never get to his
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