Brave New World Literary Analysis Essay

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Literary Analysis Essay
A Brave New World is a dystopian society that is trying and failing to be a utopia. This causes many problems in their society and produce symbols throughout the book that convey the tone and theme of the story.
There are many symbols present in A Brave New World, they all affect the story as it unfolds. The three main symbols I'm going to talk about very clearly convey the theme and tone as the story unfolds.
One of the biggest and possibly most influential symbols in A Brave New World is SOMA. SOMA is a drug that the government distributes to the population as sort of an artificial happiness. It basically keeps the citizens happy and dumb. This keeps them from thinking as individuals and realizing the situation they
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Shakespeare represents history and knowledge. Many people in the society do not know about Shakespeare because his literature is banned, along with many other forms of literature and poets.
They ban them because the government does not want their citizens to read about the beautiful world before their society. An example of what can happen when people read those types of literature is when john the savage reads Romeo and Juliet, he sees the beauty and history of the world before their society. He begins to resent the society they are in and gets in trouble. He learns that Mustapha Mond has read many forms of literature including Shakespeare. He tells john the savage by reading these thing she has the right to be unhappy and john claims this right. Banning literature is yet another way that they control the population.
As you can see, almost every aspect of their lives is controlled by the government from the time they are “born” until they die. All of these symbols represent some way that the government controls the citizens in A Brave New World. The many symbols in A Brave New World all convey the tone and theme throughout the novel. They shape the characters and dictate their actions and experiences as the story
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