Brave New World Persuasive Essay

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There is a long-lived debate on whether it is better to live under a government of strict control or a government of very little control. This very issue is the platform for many big political players currently in the United States. Similar to governments and countries nowadays, citizens of the Brave New World have little choice in what government to be ruled under. The ideal place to live in Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World is in the World State. The World State is ideal because of blissful ignorance and sustainability. The alternative environment, the Savage Reservation, allows for the freedom of thought and choice; however, these freedoms had previously resulted in chaos and instability, in which the World State seeks to prevent. The World State is the superior place to reside due to its blissful ignorance and sustainability. According to the Controller, “No pains have been spared to make your lives emotionally easy – to preserve you, so far as that possible, from having emotions at all” (Huxley 44). By being inherently emotionless, the citizens of the World State are free from every emotion, thus negativity and pain are unfamiliar. This ignorance and inexperience from emotion creates a stable government in which citizens do not question or…show more content…
Although the Savage Reservation allows for the freedom of choice and thought, the positive characteristics of the World State government by far outweighs the positives of the Savage Reservation. The citizens of the World State are able to live in peace, stability, and happiness. Everyone works for everyone, thus making it an inherently unselfish and sustainable community, which is one of the goals of the World State. The Savage Reservation is full of pain, hunger, uncleanliness, disease, and misery. A world in which people live in comfort, bliss, and ignorance is ideal because then citizens do no question their place in their
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