Brave New World Reality Vs Fiction Essay

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Reality vs. Fiction: How education and creativity in our world is dangerously close to that of “Brave New World” Scritch, scratch, scritch, scratch; the room is filled with the sound of pencils filling in blank bubbles on test sheets. Students silently sit in row upon row of tattered, old desks mindlessly completing the task assigned to them. Their public school depending on those standardized tests to receive little if any funding. Meanwhile, down the road a charter school with an abundance of students and supplies has plenty of funding yet is not riding on the test scores of its enrolled children to have money. Despite all of this, the scores from the charter school being horrid, the funding is from ALEC. ALEC and standardized testing are bridging the gap between the United States and “Brave New World”, blocking creativity and keeping future citizens ignorant. “Brave New World” takes place is a dystopia, but not the sort that anyone would expect. Everything is “perfect” and “organized”, giving the air of a utopia. In reality, everything is not so, especially with the education system. Off at a young age they are taught morals through hypnopӕdia, “The greatest moralizing and socializing force of all time” (Huxley 28). Through the use of hypnopӕdia the children are also taught their social status and how they are to work. But, this is not the only thing that is done, but also the use of electric shocks to engrain a hatred of nature and literature into the brains of children, depending on the caste. How this would work…show more content…
While Huxley’s world is one of fiction, ALEC and standardized testing has been bridging the gap and slowly making it reality. Children in schools around the United States are already learning patterns and not social skills or skills that can be used outside of school; just like in “Brave New
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