Brave New World Relevant Today Analysis

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Is Aldous Huxley’s dystopian novel Brave New World still a relevant text in today's modern society or is it no longer relevant in today's modern society? Yes, Aldous Huxley's novel Brave New World is most definitely still relevant in today's modern society. Even though Brave New World’s society is pretty much different from our society today, there is still some things that are still relevant today that are in the book. One thing that Brave New World is relevant in our modern society today is the drugs and alcohol. In Brave New World, the soma is what the people use for a drug. The government wants the people to be happy with the world they live in and be peaceful with it, so they take a legal drug every day called soma. In today's modern society, there are many drugs that people choose to do, just like in the novel. An example would be heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, crystal meth, marijuana, and…show more content…
In chapters 3 and 11 of Brave New World, the book mentions the Feelies. "Going to the Feelies this evening, Henry?" enquired the Assistant Predestinator. "I hear the new one at the Alhambra is first-rate. There's a love scene on a bearskin rug; they say it's marvelous. Every hair of the bear reproduced. The most amazing tactual effects..." which was said in chapter 3. In chapter 11, Lenina took Bernard to see one of the Feelies, which are movies that are made to make the people feel the action and sensation of the movie and not just sound and sight. Mainly to get their minds focused on sexual acts. It is also an activity that the people enjoy. In today's society, a lot of individuals are on their phones and almost everywhere people go, they see other people on their phones and that's what people enjoy doing nowadays. Video games are also an activity people do that they enjoy doing. Technology is definitely relevant for both the novel and today's modern
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