Brave New World Symbolism Essay

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Brave New World is a Good Book Living in a utopia is nearly impossible, and the society in Brave New World tries to do it. Symbols throughout the story convey that this society wasn't really a utopia. Their society that they live in is genuinely a disaster even though the people do not know it.The symbols in the story portray how the society really is in Brave New World. In the novel, the symbols soma, Ford, and the electric fence explain why the society is corrupted as a whole. Soma has played an important role in every part of the story. Soma has made their society change and the government uses it to control the people. The soma enslaves the people from doing most things. It puts them in a state where they are pretty much being controlled. The drug distracts people from…show more content…
People in the reservation are nothing like the people in the new world. Ford is mentioned quite a lot from beginning to end in Brave New World. They usually call it Our Ford and treat the man like a God. Henry Ford was famous for using the assembly line and that's a big thing and Brave New World. They also admire him for his mass production, because that's another thing the strive for. For example, how they produce and condition children is based of the assembly line and mass production. Their whole world is built around him and they praise him like he is a god. Ford is the god they love and it shows that throughout the novel. Symbols structure Brave New World and help us understand the story better. The society in the end was a disaster in itself. This planned utopia shows that it's impossible to make a utopia because not everyone is going to like the things proposed. That's why the government just completely took over and put matter in their own hands to create a better world. In the novel symbols explain their society is corrupted and a disaster in the end. These symbols are soma, the electric fence, and
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