Brave New World Technology

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The Brave New World and our current society have a lot in common. Huxley predicted many things that have happened in our society without even knowing it. Many people reading this novel probably don 't realize how similar our society is with theirs, until it is pointed out to them. A few examples of things that are very similar between both are drugs, self degrading, and technology. First of all drugs in the novel, and drugs in our society are very similar. The government allows them to use “soma” as a way to escape their problems. What many people didn’t realize is in our society the government allows prescription drugs such as painkillers that have the same purpose as soma did in the World State. Both are ways the government uses to help…show more content…
In both the story and our modern day society technology has been dangerous when it comes to the government 's. It is mostly used for “our benefit” but what we don’t realize is that higher power sometimes does take advantage of it. For example wire-tapping or surveillance cameras in our society, and in the brave new world 's society it is used to make who the people are such as their looks and personality. It might not be exactly the same, but our society could one day end up like theirs when it comes to the use of technology. Lastly is Huxley 's idea that “everyone belongs to everyone”. In the brave new world, relationships are nonexistent. Many of the people in the story degrade themselves. An example is Leina, she is very addicted to soma, and a “subject of desire” for many of the men in the novel. Our society is a lot like that now. Many people, especially young women tend to degrade themselves to “ fit in” or be “accepted” by their peers. There are many things we can compare between the two societies, technology, drugs, and, self degrading are just a few examples. Huxley warned us about many things without even knowing so. He predicted a lot of things in our society. We may not be exactly like their society yet, or to the extent they are at with many thing such as the use of drugs, but we are close and will continue to become closer throughout the years to
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