Brave New World Title Analysis

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How might the title relate to the text?
Brave New World offers a feeling of a perfect utopia where everything is ideal and modelistic. This suggests that the society in the novel and its characters are content and that all goes well—similar to the perspective of Voltaire’s Candide: the idea of the current world being “the best of all worlds.”
Why might the author have chosen it over any other title?
Brave New World is a term used to describe the new-coming of an era, usually ironically. The author may have used this as a way to describe the situation the characters are in. In fact, John repeatedly uses this term as the grotesque nature of the World State is upon him, he is introduced into a new world. By entering the civilization of
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His beliefs and mindset are vastly different such as his beliefs for self harm in order to better his mentality and thoughts that all of the people’s happiness is just an illusion. He is seen to be mentally stable at first with the ability to hold thoughtful conversations, but quickly declines at the end when he is unable to get society to leave him alone.
Conflicts (internal and/or external) that motivate and shape the character
He is constantly conflicted with the issue of whether he should let himself be consumed with Lenina and about what he should think of this society he is now a part of. With Lenina, his current self is conflicted with his upbringings where he was taught that he must earn a woman rather than just let them give themselves to him. For much of the story, his thoughts on society seem very scattered over the spectrum of it being good or what he grew up in being good. Eventually he is pushed over the edge when all of the twins surround Linda while she is dying and he realizes that there is no good or freedom in the place that his mother came from and
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