Braveheart Vs Tyranny

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Without knowing who he really was, the English seemed to try to provoke him by saying a local priest had been sleeping with Marion. This angered Wallace until he pulled his sword and began to engage the English soldiers with his sword. After his men joined in the fight, fifty Englishmen were left dead. However, Wallace was forced to escape, but ultimately Marion was captured and sent to death. Upon hearing news of her death, Wallace and his men planned to retaliate by killing the English sheriff. Either that night or a few months after, Wallace and his men overpowered the guards and snuck into Heselrig’s quarters. Wallace swung his two handed sword and split the English sheriff’s skull to the collarbone and continued to hack him into pieces.…show more content…
It was at this point where Wallace struck him down (lanark museum). The account of Lanark was provided Blind Harry and Andrew of Wyntoun and is most likely stretched just a bit, but it really is the only account of what occurred there. Marion’s murder was a motivator for William in the war, but it wasn’t the biggest. Wallace had been killing Englishmen long before he met Braidfute.
Several of the major setpoints of biographies and the movie Braveheart are on the battlefield. According to Blind Harry (clan mcalister), a total of 200 men were and killed at the hands of Wallace and his men at Lanark and more were to come. One of Wallace’s most famous victories occurred at Stirling Bridge near Abbey Craig. Edward I’s army led by John de Warenne and Hugh de Cressingham planned to cross the River Forth by a wooden bridge due to its relative safety compared to that of the

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