Bravery In Homer's Odyssey

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Do you afraid of public speaking? Are you scared of doing presentations? Do you hate to speak in class? If you do, don’t you worry! Why? According to, about 74% of the US population nowaday fear about public speaking! That interesting statistic has just perfectly brought us to today’s topic: What is bravery? How can I be a brave person? In my own word, bravery is a power that will help you overcome fear. Throughout history, examples of bravery are uncountable. From determined soldiers on the battlefield to life-saving doctors in the operation room. From confused explorers on the boat to rigorous scientists who are seeking for truth. From Crusade to Reformation. From Enlightenment to Revolutions. From Battle of Stalingrad to D-Day. From Egypt to China. From Rome to India. From Europe to Asia. From the North Pole to the South Pole. Even from Earth to Moon. Bravery is…show more content…
In fact, bravery needs fear. We all know that in Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus is a brave Greek hero who overcame lots of difficulties on his way back home. He is recognized as the combination of bravery, leadership, and initiative. But Odysseus does afraid of something. According to “The Cyclops” from Homer's Odyssey, Odysseus and his man enter a cave in which the single-eye man-eating giant live. Cyclope found them and thought they were the bad guy. So Cyclope trapped them in the cave and started eating Odysseus’s crew. “We felt a pressure on our hearts,” Odysseus recalled,”We cried aloud, lifting our hands to Zeus, powerless, looking on at this, appalled.” As we all know, they finally got out. From the case above, we know that Odysseus does afraid of Cyclops, and that have just perfectly proofed that bravery is not the absence of fear. He is brave because he tried his best ability to overcome his fear of Calypso and strict Calypso’s eye when he thinks it’s time, without any hesitation. And that made him a true
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