Bravery In Salt To The Sea

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Throughout Salt to the Sea many characters exhibit acts of bravery. Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys takes place in one of the most saddening and violent times in history, World War II. During this time period families were separated, and children killed. The characters in the novel all demonstrate bravery in a variety of ways during their journey. However, Joana, the girl who protected and nursed the characters shows the most bravery. She defied Nazi beliefs, and saved people from being tortured, and ultimately slaughtered by the cruelty of Hitler’s followers. Joana played a very important role in the novel, especially by accepting people into the group that were considered “subhuman” or deserters. On the group’s journey to the Wilhelm Gustloff, a bomb was detonated near the line of refugees,”The sound of children screaming, wood splintering, and life departing roared from behind. I tried to run toward the crowd, but the soldier grabbed me and threw me off the road,”(110). In that scene Joana would have risked being killed by a bomb in order to save lives. The selfless actions she does earlier in the book, soon transform her into daring hero. When the group boarded the Wilhelm Gustloff a Nazi soldier targeted Florian, and checked Florian’s forged papers by contacting Koch himself. Before finding Florian, the soldier asked Joana where he was,”’What did he [Florian] say?’ asked the soldier. ‘Just that he was tired.’ Emilia shot me a ferocious look.’And… that he wanted to board the Hansa…show more content…
Joana outdid the rest of the group, by not only taking the risk facing repercussions for being friends with “subhuman” people, but also for sheltering them, and lying for them. Joana’s daringness played a very large role in the group’s survival, and without her everyone would have been separated, and killed. She is the reason everyone surviving as long as they
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