Bravery Lord Of The Flies Research Paper

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Bravery is a privilege that comes with multiple cost of lives of our men in green, our family, and the loss of innocent people that live in the United States. Bravery comes in many different people such as soldiers, friends, and family. Does bravery have to come with a sacrifice such as our green men for peace that we really didn 't deserve, or a gift of freedom delivered to you in a neatly tied box even though we didn’t deserve it, or a chance to live in a beautiful world free of chaos?

Is bravery a privilege to my generation? Bravery is a privilege that comes with a responsibility to do what 's right, the courage to do what is right, and the responsibility of having the faith of trusting your life in the hands of others. Bravery is a responsibility of putting your life before others, not letting people get hold of your fear that 's deep down inside, and not letting little children have to worry whether or not they are going to wake up the next day. Bravery is a choice. Solders don 't have to go and put their life at risk for yours but they choose to do it anyway, therefore the soldiers ' don 't have to fight in order for us to have freedom so we can make laws and protect the states, and all the soldiers lives that were lost in wars for us and we never took a
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Is bravery is a responsibility? Bravery acts in a mature, respectful, and thankful manner. Mature enough to take blisters from hard work, or tattered shoes instead of a nice suit, and the smell of gunpowder from the fight of trying to win. They earned the respectfulness they give us as do their parents for raising their children well enough they are willing to give their life for people that really don’t deserve it, and their friends for telling them that no matter what, they will always be a hero, and encouraging them to do what is right, and the act of thankful manner so we can pledge allegiance to the flag, or honor the moment of silence, and attend any church of our choice because they fought
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