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Brayden Biersner has filled his years with entertainment, joy, and happiness. He couldn’t have asked for anymore from his life. He departed leaving several grandkids behind with bright memories of their grandfather. Brayden was born September 6, 1998. Yes was an entertainer and ball of energy from the beginning, but was just too afraid to show it. He would be often caught singing or dancing in his room. However, Brayden was a bright student throughout his education career receiving many awards and recognitions throughout the year, Most notably for his presidential scholarship and other outstanding awards that aided his pursuit of college level education. He attended the University of Iowa expanding his growth in the performing arts and…show more content…
He loved the Civic Center and the passion and freedom that adorned its walls. Brayden also found time to be able to be apart of many smaller productions for community theaters surrounding the area as a lead role in many productions: Aladdin, Mary Poppins, Newsies, Of Mice and Men, Sweeney Todd, Pippin, and the whole lot of classic Broadway pieces. Braydens work as a successful marketing manager and rising star landed him the role of his dreams only 5 years after graduating. Brayden just turned 30 as he landed the role of Warner Huntington III in Legally Blonde: The Musical (the Broadway Revival). He left his favorite place of work to do on stage loving what he used to do alone in his bedroom…...sing and dance. Just being the start of his Broadway career he took New York in his stride: performing 8 shows a week, appearances, side-performances. Brayden loved the lime-light. Along with his newfound fame, Brayden also settled down in the free time he had to marry his partner of 6 years, John Doe. Together raising twin siblings adopted from Syria, Sayid and Jodee. They lived peacefully in their apartment building and consistently followed their children 's dreams and provided a safe, caring, loving

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