Brazelton Developmental Milestones

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DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES 6 DEVELOPMENTAL MILESTONES Developmental Milestones in a Three Year Old Infant Using the Denver II Developmental Screening Tool Claudia Aguilar Keiser University Normal Development in a Three Year Old Infant According to Brazelton (2001), after surviving the “terrible two’s”, we have to start getting prepared for a preschooler, his constantly “why’s” and all of the magic that comes with this age; starting with the fact that child finally listens to you, paying more attention to what he is being told and letting his imagination fly and run wild. The author mentions different areas where development can be clearly noticed, such as the language area, by the child’s ability to say his or her name and age, also being able…show more content…
The author makes emphasis on how at this age the child starts to be more social and to understand about time, space and responsibility to others; also he begins to be aware of his need for others and how he can hurt or please them as well, (Brazelton, 2001). The child starts learning about his gender and his individuality, and how proud and empowered he can feel with his new awareness, (Brazelton, 2001). The Denver II Developmental Screening Tool, (Frankenburg & Dodds, 1992) was used in a 3 year 7month and 16 days old female child in order to assess her developmental milestones in the areas of gross motor, fine motor-adaptive, personal-social and language skills. The screening took place with her caregiver present and the approval from her mother. On the areas that she was not being tested, the mother answered over the phoneif the child was able or not to do that specific
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