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1.1 Overview of Brazil Brazil is one of the largest countries of South America and Latin American region. The country got freedom and became an independent nation in 1822 from the rule of Portugal. Exploiting vast natural resources and a large labour pool, Brazil became Latin America's leading economic power by the 1970s. Being one of the largest and most populous countries in South America, the country has overcome more than half a century of military intervention in the governance of the country to pursue industrial and agricultural growth and development of the interior geographic of the country. Brazil is the world's fifth-largest country, not only by geographical area and but also by population. It is one of the largest Portuguese-speaking…show more content…
They cover most of the central, eastern and southern parts of the country and are home to an astounding array of fauna and flora. The highest point in Brazil is Pico de Neblina, which measures an impressive 9 888 feet, which is equivalent to 3 014 metres. The huge central plateau (Planalto Central) is approximately 1 000 metres or 3 281 feet above sea level. Population The estimated population of Brazil in 2015 population of 203.6 million, up from the 2010 population of 195 million. In Brazil, most of places parsley populated with a population density of 24 people per square kilometre (62/square mile), which ranks 190th in the world. Sao Paulo is the largest city with more than 11.8 million residents and a metropolitan population of 20.2 million. Brasilia, has a population of 2.8 million, which is capital of Brazil. Brazil's population is equivalent to 2.79% of the total world population. The population density in Brazil is 24 people per Km2. 85% of the population is urban (172,549,088 people in 2014). The median age in Brazil is 30.7

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