Brazilian Footwear Case Study

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STUDENT NAME: - ANKIT ANKIT STUDENT ID: - C0721272 ASSIGNMENT:1 CASE STUDY ON Made in Brazil, worn in the Middle East: Exporting Footwear to New Markets (Brazil’s footwear industry) Question1). What advice on documentation requirement would you give a Brazilian footwear company who wants to export its products to Saudi Arabia? Answer) Advice on documentation requirement to Brazilian footwear company: - • Each consignment of imported merchandise must be joined by a certificate of conformity from an approved investigation organization. • All the norms of customs should be met so that the goods are not held in customs of either side of transaction. Inability to do as such could bring about a fine or goods …show more content…

• Incoterms contain all the freights, invoices, insurance for credit transit insurance and port or transport discharge. • Collect Letter of credit from bank, so that if anything goes wrong in the credit, both parties are liable to downside in the contract that may be product lost or broken in transit. • So we advice Brazilian footwear company to ask for all these Document apart from export and import negotiations and document containing terms, so that if anything goes wrong both parties are liable and no one party is at financial and market value risk. Question2) Who are the stakeholders who may use the Saudi Arabian Certificate of Conformity? Answer) Exporters (Brazilian footwear company) are the stakeholders who uses the Saudi Arabian Certificate of Conformity. Because For all exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia a Conformity Assessment Program has been executed. All items require a Certificate of Conformity additionally referred to as a SASO certificate of conformity to empower them to be cleared through Saudi

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