Brazilianite: A Short Story

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It took several hours for Brazilianite to reform, he had been hurt and heartbroken and didn 't really want to come back into reality, he didn 't want to realize Azurite wasn 't there. As Brazilianite glowed and floating above the ground he flicked through two forms, one being his default setting and the other being his present, more preferable form. Except there are slight changes, what used to be a Diamond on his clothing has now been replaced with large A 's. Floating back down to the ground he realizes his situation, he 's in a small locked up room, there 's no lights and there 's nothing else in the room. As he freaked out at the nothingness he begins running into the walls since he can 't find the door, due to his loud banging and…show more content…
We 're here to help you. Don 't fight this, you 're not well and we want to fix you. Please let us help" which Brazilianite responded with _"FIX THIS BITCH!"_ and began attacking the walls once again, which once again shocked him, and in return he shouted in pain. Only for Black Diamond to deep sigh into the microphone "Brazilianite, you 're only hurting yourself. I don 't want to resort to more _extreme_ measures but if you don 't start complying I will have to step it up a little. I know it does hurt to admit there 's something wrong, but we do want to help you." Brazilianite closed his eyes, trying to find where the sound was coming from. He hadn 't noticed the camera at first but after some searching he finds where the noise was coming from. As he flipped off the camera he screamed __"I 'M NOT CRAZY!"__ minutes passed before Black Diamond spoke again "Brazilianite, ___Sit."___ And with his jaw dropping he complied, dropping his weapon and…show more content…
In the room, Brazilianite was breaking down, he needed Azurite there. He was afraid and he couldn 't be alone. As Variscite left Brazilianite thought it was the last gem who they could bring in, there 's no way this could get any worse than it is now. But he spoke way too soon, before he even could say her name a tiny Talc walked into the room, standing up straight and determined. She walked up to the sobbing Brazilianite whilst he screamed his head off, "PLEASE MAKE IT STOP! NO MORE! I 'LL STOP! PLEASE! His voice seemed desperate, he was begging. And yet the Talc wouldn 't stop coming closer, "PLEASE BLACK DIAMOND! I 'M SORRY! NO MORE!" Talc looked at Brazilianite with disgust, "You are not the son I raised, I don 't even recognize you, I know what you have done and I am _ashamed,_ You are a murderer. When i said there are no such thing as bad gems I must 've lied, because you are a bad gem. There 's nothing good about you." And that was the final straw, Brazilianite broke. He stopped his screaming and ugly sobbing and just curled up even tighter, crying to himself. Black
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