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During an argument with her father, Sara Smolinsky said, “My will is as strong as yours. I 'm going to live my own life. Nobody can stop me. I 'm not from the old country, I 'm American.” This is a quote from page 138 in the novel, Bread Givers. Bread Givers is written by Anzia Yezierska, whom like the girl in the novel, had the same experience with her father. Sara’s father, Reb Smolinsky, strictly believed in the Jewish customs and traditions from the Old World. This included the binding expectations for this daughters. Reb Smolinsky has four daughters, Bessie, Mashah, Fania, and Sara. The daughters are the providers of the family, while their father, a holy man, studies the Torah all day. Sara is the youngest of the daughters, and she

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