Break Up Letter To Thomas

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Analyze a Break Up Letter. While I was reading Heather 's break up letter to Thomas, i believe it was a good way to do it. Just had a few things that you wouldn 't do in a break up letter. Overall she did a great job. She let it be known what she didn 't like about him and also threw some things she did like in him, so he didn 't feel so bad about himself. Heather 's first reason to break up was simply because Thomas is just more outgoing than she is. Heather did say “ you 're funny and have a nice voice” it was great that he could sing it was a plus, but when he started to sing in public and put Heather 's name in songs that she knew it was just weird. She seems to be more of a shy person in the letter Heather said “I often wish to be invisible” so by Thomas singing in public she felt out of her conferred zone. Heather was also right for saying you can 't be in a relationship if you don 't want to be in public together. How i feel about her second reason is…show more content…
They may have made him a little upset by saying what enjoys is getting called lame or not good enough for someone 's liking. Than in the next few sentence she throws bombs at him that would kinda hurt any guy. Once heather said “I know there are lots of super nerdy girls, you can find online who are into computer and running and watching the sun rise.” My thing is why do they have to be super nerd just because they like to run early in the morning and like computers? Also I think she could have said Thomas i think there are a lot of girls out there that will like the same thing that interest you, but that girl just isn 't me. Here 's the thing that probably would have made Thomas a little upset. Heather says “ You 'll be able to find one and be super happy. And if you 're lucky she 'll be as hot as me. LOL” NEVER tell a joke in a breakup, Especially one like that now you 're just saying your the best person he ever going to have in his life and your leaving. You 're just telling him his life is
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