Break Up Research Paper

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Step 3: Start Removing Clutter From Your Life

Imagine a nice, bright open room with a simple sofa in it and a nice picture on one wall. Imagine yourself walking over to that sofa, sitting down, and looking around the room. How do you feel? You likely feel relaxed and calm.

Now, imagine a cluttered room that is blocking the light and hard to navigate through. Find the sofa and sit down on it. Take a look around the room. How do you feel now? You likely feel some sort of tension, stress, or anxiety.

Clutter affects your mind in the same way a dirty house does. In addition, clutter is excessive stimuli, which means that your senses have to work overtime on things that are not important, which makes it harder to relax - both physically and
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Another bonus is that your focus will be on declutter the house and not on the breakup, which is a great way to reduce negative emotions over the breakup.

Step 4: Work On Your Personal Growth

The best way to move on from a breakup is to become someone different than you were during the relationship. This doesn 't mean drastic changes. It just means small actions towards your personal growth that help shift your mindset and habits.

As you become some slightly different, you will no longer associate yourself with your ex; instead, you will associate yourself with a new life that you are living and working towards.

Please don 't ignore this step. The truth is that in life you have the choice to move forward, stay stuck, or move backwards. When you are constantly work on personal growth, you are working towards adopting new information and adding to your life, which can only make it better. But, when you sit around and focus on the past (i.e. the breakup) and mull over what you should have done differently or what could have happened differently, you are doing nothing for your life. You are taking away from your current time by living in the past and, if you do it long enough, you will be affecting your mental and physical health in a negative way by neglecting
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