Breakfast At Tiffany Character Analysis

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Holly Golightly embraces a shielded-character which by looking deeper at her behavior and language, a paradox appears as she isn’t dried and cut as she appears in the beginning. She might seem as a party girl, a rich prostitute that chases only the wealthy guys, with no substance and caring only about the money. Contrary, later on we find that there’s a lot more there. She had a life as any other child, stealing eggs and milk, asking for help as an orphan she was, but she ends up becoming “child-wife,” from Tulip Texas, when she abandons this life, she moves to New York where she becomes an object of sexual desire for the wealthy male clients.
Breakfast at Tiffany’s novel celebrates the character of a young ex- married woman, who is both prohibited to men and in the same time infinitely available. Holly’s character is constructed by the narrator’s perspective and by her beloved men perspectives. Even though Holly’s past is blurred, creating a scenario of what she went through may be possible by connecting the puzzles.“She talked of her own [childhood], too; but it was elusive, nameless, placeless, an impressionistic recital, though the impression received was contrary to what
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One of the events is where she ends up exchanging meaningful gifts with the narrator, and a year later when she goes together with the narrator to ride horses, because of the accident she has, she gets caught by the police for the “weather report” she gave to Sally Tomato. At the same time she decides to leave behind long ties with New York. She also refers to herself as a “wild thing” unsuited with the rules that govern the society, and as unusually she is always in control of the men as their trainer, achieving always sexual and emotional control over her partners. And finally more than ten years later, the discovery of the carving inspires the narrator where she finally transforms her to an art
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