Breakfast Cereal Segmentation Analysis

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This is yet another market segment that relates to the family but has a different conceptual thinking as compared to Feeders Family. This is not due to the price of the product, but the main members tend to look for such products that are easily acceptable to all the members within the family. They think of unity and do not get different product for different family member but look for a proper nutrition solution that everybody in the family love to eat. As a result, this part of the segmentation seeks to eat with family at home with their well-established brand of breakfast cereals as well as other options like toast. They are brand loyal and look for brand that is acceptable for all members (McDowell, 2015).
This is the growing segment
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Buyers have a variety of taste and needs. SAYA Foods therefore needs to divide their category in different segments. To avoid the competitor brand loyalist, SAYA Foods needs to target their market by producing a better product in a reasonable price, in order to avoid a bargain chapter; SAYA Foods products will be in fix prices and as the company will produce high quality breakfast cereals, the substitute problem will not occur. The target consumers for SAYA new breakfast cereal are mostly children. Therefore, the company should design the boxes in such a way that this group can recognise the brand among other cereal boxes in the store. The other part of the target market is the adult who also loves cereals for their breakfasts but are not concerned about the visual effects of the boxes but are more concerned about the nutrition provided in the cereal (Friedmann,…show more content…
Positioning is an understanding of the reasons giving consumers variety of option to buy. The company needs to stay alert in the initial start-up days and assure that the quality is not compromised at any cost to maintain a profitable relation with the new consumers (Masterson & Pickton, 2010). Section 3
Marketing Mix
Marketing is an evolving discipline and no company would want to stay behind the race of capturing the market. Simply put in, the marketing mix is a developing tool that is used to determine the actual offering of the brand. The marketing mix comprises 4Ps; Product, Place, Price and Promotion. But the creation of extended elements People, Processes and Physical Evidence has added a new dimension in the marketing mix (Cheverton, 2006).
SAYA Foods is related to the food processing industry and manufactures various types of cereals and food products (Michman et al., 2003). Awareness in living a healthier lifestyle has resulted in many of its products. The current ranges of products are:
• SAYA Chocolatey Cereals
• SAYA Honey Nut Shredded Wheat
• SAYA Coco Shreddies
• SAYA Honey Shreddies
• SAYA Nesquik

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