Breakfast Club Critique

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Introduction As I am sitting here thinking what my topic should be for this critical analysis essay a song starts playing in my office… “Don’t You Forget About Me” I immediately think The Breakfast Club. If you have seen this iconic movie, then you know the impact this song has on the film, even generations later. The Breakfast Club was directed by a talented man named Johns Hughes, and made its big debut in 1985. One Saturday in detention with a brain, an athlete, a princess, a criminal and a basket case is all it took. This movie digs deep into the role of high school stereotyping, but still keeps a warm comedic feel to it.
At the start of the movie, each character has there own “clique” they are apart of. While in detention the characters …show more content…

He also directed the Sixteen Candles and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. He captured the humor, angst, comedy, and the rawness of the teen experience. With The Breakfast Club, he did a good job portraying five different students with different social groups. In depth here is a little more about the students in the movie. One character is named Allison she is portrayed as the basket case, the weirdo, and the loser, not accepted by anyone because she likes different things than the “norm” dresses in dark colors, no self-confidence. Then you have John, he is the rebel of the group the criminal or “punk”. In the movie he doesn’t have a care for what he does and whom it could affects, he has the stereotype as the “troublemaker”. Then you have Andrew, he’s the athlete, of the school, and in the movie he is portrayed as the jock, dresses preppy, good looking, and popular. Then comes the brain, Brian he is the “geek” he follows the stereotype of the nerd, high waisted jeans just overall dorky image. Claire is the popular girl, the prom queen; she dresses very stylish for the time of when the movie came out. She also looks down on the people in the high school social hierarchy. According to Giddings (2001) “nearly all our actions have an impact on the environment”(p191). Our actions do have an impact on the environment we are around, it leaves a footprint. If an

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