Breakfast Of Champions Book Analysis

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Showing concern for the fellow being is the need of the hour which will give comfort and solace to the inhabitants of the world. Humanity thrives well if the people of its society live with the concern. Everybody expects care and warmth from the society forgetting the fact the little drops from every individual will make a mighty ocean. It is the apt time to think about what is wrong with the attitude of mankind to check what will harm the present as well as future generations. The writers who write science fiction try to create awareness and at the same time give an alarm to the society. Kurt Vonnegut tries his level best in imprinting the evils of scientific development and warns what is to be done to improve the life of mankind better.
The advancement of technology and
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In Breakfast of Champions author used many drawing to illustrate the situation. Breakfasts of Champions main characters are only two Dwayne Hoover and Kilgore Trout. But Kurt Vonnegut always spies the other characters in the novel and gave comment in his writings. For readers the drawings are the happiness in the world and in the novel was based on own limited, individual and subjective understanding. Most of his characters are alienated from their families and to struggle to create good artificial families. (dlb 154)
Breakfast of Champions was autobiographical novel. It includes the forthright rumination and his anxieties about depression and suicide. Vonnegut wrote, “‘You’re afraid you’ll kill yourself the way your mother did,’ I said, ‘I know,’ I said” ( 212). Vonnegut, himself included as a character in the novel outside and inside and participates in its creation in both roles. At one point, the character-sitting in Midland city, the characters are talking and take a debate what to do with them. Sometimes it may confuse the readers where they
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