Breakfast Quesadilla Research Paper

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Many consider breakfast to be the most the most important meal of the day. Studies show that skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain because it causes the human body to go into starvation mode. It is best to have a high protein, nutrition filled breakfast to help start the day off on the right note. Quesadillas are easy to make and are a enjoyable protein and nutrition filled meal. A breakfast quesadilla is perfect for an outstanding morning because the ingredients are effortlessly obtainable, it is easy to make, and it will is delicious. The ingredients for a breakfast quesadilla are easy to obtain and there are not many needed. The main ingredients include; tortillas (recommended Mission flour tortillas, two eggs depending on the number of quesadillas being made, cheese (recommended Sargento four cheese Mexican), and sour cream. The chef will also need; a baking pan (matching size of tortilla) , stove preset to 4-5 (medium high), and a plate. Non-stick spray or butter is needed so that the egg would not stick to the pan. A spatula is needed to flip the quesadilla, it is much easier to flip the egg by holding the quesadilla upside down. Now that the ingredients are gathered together, it is time to create…show more content…
First, butter or spray the pan and place it on the stove at medium heat. Then, whisk together the two eggs and pour the whisked egg into the pan while at medium heat, and sprinkle cheese on the egg after about one minute of cooking. Once the cheese has seeped into the egg, put a tortilla on top of the cheesy egg and flip the egg with cheese and a tortilla on top. Finally, just repeat the process by sprinkling cheese and placing a tortilla on top. Now place a plate over the pan to create an over of heat, making the quesadilla have a nice, soft but crunchy texture. After the quesadilla is nice and crispy, take it out of the pan and place it on a plate to get it ready to
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