Breaking A Bone In Football

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By football being a full contact sport, and players always tacking each other it makes it hard on the body (Henderson 1). Bones lose density and strength(Hobson 1). Ligaments and tendons tend to stiffen, lose circulation, and become more vulnerable to be injured or damaged(3). Cartilage becomes stressed and susceptible to tearing(4).It is every player’s dream is trying to make it to the next level and being the best at what they do. As players work hard to sharpen their game, their body is put through a series of injuries including tears, breaks, and sprains. Breaking a bone in football is often happening and can happen at any time in various ways (McGranagham 1). Breaking your arm is less likely common between arms, legs, and fingers (Henderson…show more content…
As a players reaches high runner speed along with another player, the force plus the momentum versus the bones’s mass can lead to the bone being snapped or broken in various locations(Peterson 250). A person’s bone can only withstand so much until it reaches a breaking point (252). During the course of the football game, a player who is constantly running the ball will be chopped. Chopping is an easier way of tackling bigger opponents (Henderson 4). Chopping has become more and more common in football because of the size advantages of high school players(4).As a bone is constantly being attack or chopped, the bone begins to loose density and becomes weaker and weaker(4). A player’s finger is one of the most exposed body that does not have equipment a extra padding that can be purchased (McGranagham 4). A finger can be broken by making a tackle, other equipment hitting the finger,falling on it in an odd fall or, etc. As a player run into another player attempting to make a tackle, their finger can get caught into the helmet (4). The finger is the easiest bone to break because of it’s size and location(5). What ever motion and action is being taken during football, the finger as to be used (Henderson 4).This makes the finger chances of becoming broken higher plus the lack of protection or padding…show more content…
When sprained, the hamstring becomes very tender and often missed judged (Henderson 3). When a player sprained their hamstring, the player must ice,rest, and elevate it (3). The hamstring is so tricky because as the player walks, the hamstring is being stretched as is constantly loosing up (Wilson 3). So as the player get closer and closer to game time, the player may feel like the hamstring is ok because of how loose the hamstring is but the hamstring is not nearly healed (3) The hamstring is a valuable muscle and can be sprained by running to hard without the proper equipment and stretching. When the weather gets cooler, the hamstring along with our muscles become more vulnerable to become sprained or injured (Fink 2). Although the hamstring is one of the most strongest muscles of the body, it is very easily and commonly sprained because of over working it or improper warming up procedure (Henderson 3). The hamstring takes a verity of times depending on how serious is the sprain (4). The process of tearing can often be career ending in some cases (Fink 2). The tearing of an achilles can be really painful. The tendon will remain thicker than normal after complete healing (Rolf 72). Calf muscle strength should be similar to the other side (72). Objective tests with resisted toe raise are strongly suggested before resuming

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