Breaking A Norm Essay

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Breaking a norm
In today’s world, we are all accustomed to follow scripts on how to behave in social environments and everyday interactions with one another. We all encounter norms on a day to day basis, whether it be social norms or cultural norms. It can be a small norm, but we all follow it, for example one small norm that we follow is not to talk when someone else is talking, or as simple as not to pick your nose in a public area. There are many norms known as informal norms at school that already established as soon as you walk in the door of your class. When we start a new semester and first sit down in a new class, from that point on we all know that we will sit there for the remainder of the semester, but no one gave us assigned seats,
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I will begin my experiment by recording the data and analyze their reaction if there is one. My prediction for the experiment is that the person will be left confused, and will probably wonder what happened. They will also probably assume that the connection got messed up, and give me a call right back. Furthermore, I would like to explain a few terms that tie in with the idea of breaking norms. I also would like to mention how some norms differ from culture to culture, and how they play a big role in an everyday society. Norms will always be a part of our daily life.
In will now present, the results that came from my norm breaching experiment. I tested my norm breaching experiment on three people, that are heavily involved in my life. It was interesting that some of the results that I received had differences, but mainly they were similar. The first person I tested my norm breach was my Girlfriend. my girlfriend and I have been together for a while now so phone communication is happening every day of the week. I first called her, and just had a regular conversation, and as soon as I had nothing else to say I hung up the phone.In the meanwhile I was expecting a phone
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