Breaking Away Themes

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Breaking Away Essay
Breaking Away is a coming of age movie made in 1979 directed by Peter Yates. This film is about four boys Dave, Mike, Cyril and Moocher, they live in a little town called Bloomington. All four boy have graduated from high and took a gap year to enjoy life. They spend a lot of the time together doing the things they love but found that most of the time they got interrupted by the college students using the things and calling them ‘Cutters’ because Bloomington use to cut stone to use as a building material. The following thing that I will be discussing in this essay will be the role of friends and the dissatisfaction of Mike and Dave’s lives.
Mike plays a big part in their friendship group, he is the one that wants them all
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When Mike was in high school he was the star quarter back on the high school football team and now that he has finished with high school he no longer plays football. A quote that shows that Mike is dissatisfied with his life is when he said “Here I am, I gotta live in this stinkin ' town and I gotta read in the newspapers about some hot shot kid - new star of the college team. Every year its gonna be a new one. And every year it’s never gonna be me. I 'm just gonna be Mike. Twenty year old Mike. Thirty year old Mike. Old mean old man Mike.’ This prove that mike can’t come to terms that he is never going to have a football carer making him dissatisfied. Dave on the other hand is that dissatisfied with his life so much that he pretends and acts like an Italian cyclist. This is show when he chases Katherine to give her book back that she dropped and when he catches up and she stop he introduced himself with an Italian accent, she asks if he was an Italian exchange student, he agrees and continues to put on the act every time he meets with her. Which shows that he thinks that ‘cutters’ have no chance in having a relationship with college students, making him
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