Breaking Beautiful Character Analysis

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For group 1, Andrew Loftis started the discussion with the question, “What conflicts were presented in your book?” Thus, he answered his question and goes on to discuss the main character of his book, Breaking Beautiful and explained what the main character, Allie had to face after being involved in a car accident. He commented how the character’s physical appearance has changed due to the accident and how the death of her boyfriend has affected her. While explaining the conflict, Andrew also summarized the plot, giving the group some background information about his novel. After he talked, immediately, Nick responded and talked about the conflict in his book. He noted how the characters in his novel had to face fear on a daily basis, not knowing…show more content…
Jackson responded to Maddie with “I agree” and gave an example of how
For my Socratic Seminar group, Erin led the discussion with the question, “How does the book relate to ‘The Torments and Triumphs of Love’”? I answered her question since this was one of my two questions that I answered before break. Thus, I felt pretty confident answering the question (at least I thought). I talked about how the overall theme of my novel, This Is What Happiness Looks Like is that one should never give up on the things or people they love. In addition, I went on and provided an example of “Torments” such as the main character, Ellie who tries to keep a distance from the guy she loves, Graham. I also provided an example of “Triumphs” such as when the two characters realized their love for each other. Since Erin's question was one of my five questions, I already had the answer written down, so I just read it word by word from my paper. However, I felt like I talked a little bit too fast and at the same time, I tried not to read it word by word, but somehow it

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