Breaking Point In Catcher In The Rye

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Death is a concept toyed with by many authors and script writers alike. Any character death is used as a plot point in a story to drive home some idea. While there are the occasional sadistic writers who seem to just want to make their audience feel pain, even those deaths have a purpose. Catcher in the Rye by what 's his face and Rebel without a cause, directed by someone, are no exception to the rule, as both feature two hard hitting death scenes. Although they differ in personalities, Plato and James Castle share key plot point,their deaths, to illuminate the idea that those pushed far and hard enough by internal and outside factors will always reach a breaking point. The seemingly most basic similarity between the two killed is the outerwear given to both slightly before their passing, which…show more content…
Maybe not every person 's breaking point results in death, but that is the most apparent breaking point that an author could display. The idea of protection shows that people cannot always be prevented from falling down the paths towards this end point, but if the right attempts are made, it can help drastically. The nod to Jesus Christ allows comparison to them being lead to their deaths, showing it as not one separate event but a pathway. All in all, the similar events leading up to their deaths show the breaking point as it happens, further highlighting that had they been protected from these forces and not from other things, the breaking point would not have been reached, or at least not as soon. Overall, both the novel and the movie highlight important ideas to be taken into daily life, especially how important it is to look out for friends and loved ones going down similar pathways and instead of trying to protect them from it, stand by them so that they never feel so alone that they reach the end of their
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