Breaking Point In Danny Boyle's 127 Hour

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‘127 Hours’ directed by Danny Boyle is a miraculous drama/thriller film based on the true events of Aron Ralston; a skilled hiker who craves solitude. One scene that depicts a breaking point in the film is when Aron Ralston makes the choice of amputating his arm to extricate himself. Particular film techniques is used to convey a breaking point. This shows that despite the strength of the human spirit, everyone has a breaking point. Danny Boyle uses editing to demonstrate Aron’s hallucinations to convey a breaking point in the film. This particular scene is shown through the use of editing; when Joe encounters his own hallucinations as he looks up and exclaims “Hey, Blue John”. A film technique which outlines the idea of his breaking point in the film is the split screen triptych of his hallucinations. This technique establishes the scene where all three panels include Aron’s delusion of a man called ‘Blue John’. Aron’s hallucinations contribute to the idea of his breaking point as being in the crevice for days has driven him to the point of insanity, it shows that he has no control over his own thoughts as he is oblivious to his hallucinations. Notably, the canyon where Aron is situated at is named Blue John, signifying the overpowering strength of nature as the viewer witnesses Blue John look down on Aron as if he’s superior in a high angle shot. Ordinarily, superiority is significant as this means Aron is comparably submissive in contrast to Blue John, who is much more

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