Breaking Point In Danny Boyle's '127 Hours'

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‘127 Hours’ directed by Danny Boyle is a miraculous drama/thriller film based on the true events of Aron Ralston; a skilled hiker who craves solitude. One scene that depicts a breaking point in the film is when Aron Ralston makes the choice of amputating his arm to extricate himself. Particular film techniques are used to convey a breaking point. This shows that despite the strength of the human spirit, everyone has a breaking point.

Danny Boyle uses editing to demonstrate Aron’s hallucinations to convey a breaking point in the film. This particular scene is shown through the use of editing; when Joe encounters his own hallucinations as he looks up and exclaims “Hey, Blue John”. A film technique which outlines the idea of his breaking point
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Aron is seen using a dull knife of a cheap multi-utility tool to cut the soft tissue, cutting through a nerve that runs across his whole arm. The film technique used is the foley sound effects of microphone distortion as Aron places the utility knife on the nerve in his arm. The effect of this causes the audiences hair on the back of their neck stand as the high pitched noise of the microphone distortion raises and abruptly occurs. This causes the audience to feel uneasy as high frequency sounds causes damaging to the ear. He has no other choice, thus leading to the option of cutting his arm off to set himself free, this outlines the fact that this is his breaking point as he has been without resources and company for so long. Another film technique is the deliberate use of silence. It is shown after Aron has cut the nerve in his arm it is seen that Aron is screaming, but it is muted to show the idea of disorder. The use of silence evokes the feeling of sympathy towards Aron, considering the excruciating pain he’s in, screaming is not enough to express the pain he’s experiencing. These film techniques outline the idea of Aron’s breaking point in the film, exemplifying his increasing mental fragility as he struggles to survive when embarking on this journey. Being without resources and company, drove Aron to the brink of insanity,…show more content…
Boyle uses symbolism to emphasize transitioning scenes of a flying raven , representing freedom, in contrast with Aron under the boulder, representing confinement. The Raven symbolizes freedom as it flies high in the sky, enjoying and having advantage of its own freedom in the air. Ravens also symbolize death and the underworld as it is black, and it preys on the carcasses of dead mammals. Ravens mark a moment to pause and give consideration to messages coming your way. This is significant as Danny Boyle juxtaposes that Aron craves freedom like the raven in the sky, and contradicts to Aron as he is opposite to what the Raven is experiencing. Aron is trapped in a enclosed crevice whereas the raven is free. The notion of freedom drove Aron to his breaking point as he has been stuck in the crevice so long, also relating to us and society as we also crave freedom out of school and away from study. Death and underworld symbolism that death is pursuing Aron as he struggles to survive and set himself free. The long shot of sunlight passing along the canyon symbolises hope for survival and new life which he also desires. In the solar system, the sun is a star that illuminates planets, making life possible, therefore being a symbolism of life. Along with freedom, Aron possesses desires for his own survival and ‘new life’ out of the canyon. The symbolic representation relates to us in a manner that we

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