Personal Narrative: Breaking A Social Norm

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This psychological assignment requires us to break a social norm. In my case, I decided to break an appearance social norm. I thought in something weird, but at the same time really funny. Therefore, I entered to my little walking closet and I took the most brilliant and extravagant high heels shoes that I found to wear them at a place when people usually used flip flops. 2- It was a hot and beautiful sunny morning when my boyfriend invited me to Sunny Isles Beach for a romantic walk. I dressed with a white short, a black tank top and I put my extravagant high heels shoes, which I personally like to wear them only at night. As soon as we arrived to the beach, we started our romantic walk from the 186 street directly to the south. The funny and weird part is that we walk down the…show more content…
Each person is different, and I do not have to look like, or behave like others. I learned that to be happy, which is the most important thing in life, I should not care too much about what others think about me. I learned that most people always criticize whatever you do, and not always for good. In this case, people judged me and probably thought that I was eccentric and ridiculous, or that I had mentally problems, just because I wore extravagant heels shoes in an unusual place. 6- During the time I was breaking my appearance social norm, conformity and nonconformity were present. At the beginning, nonconformity was present in my actions because I broke the norm of going with flip flops, or sandals to the beach. I just thought for myself and I got dressed in an innovated way. Later, the conformity came out. This happened when people started to look at me like I was an alien, and I began to feel horrible because of the real social pressure. At that time, I just wanted to take my heels shoes out in order to conform to society and being accepted by
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