Breaking The Blessed Union: A Philosophical Analysis Of Adultery

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Breaking the Blessed Union: A Philosophical Analysis of Adultery Ma. Ericka B. Micabalo I. Background of the Study In this world, to maintain orderliness people have rules for everyone to follow. The Ten Commandments have been considered as universal laws and as ethical beings, we believe that we must follow these rules. However, our world today, often disregards and continuously disobeys these commandments. Among the Ten Commandments, the author would be focusing on the sixth commandment which is "Thou shall not commit adultery." Today 's society would certainly agree that cheating on your spouse is an immoral act. However, such occurrence still happens every day. After the victim of the said act has figured out that his spouse is having an affair with someone else, this may lead to ominous ramifications not only to the adulterer but moreover, to people that surrounds him. Having thought of such should be disturbing the mind of someone who is having an attempt to cheat on his partner. Our media, specifically different television shows, have been exposing to the public the possible consequences to the lives of the couple or their families. But this does not hinder people from still doing it. There are probable weighty explanations of why one of the couple is compelled to be engaged in adultery. If there is none, therefore, the point of committing such act is vague and being dishonest with your partner should not be occurring anymore. The focus of this philosophical paper

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