Breaking The Box Persuasive Speech

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Earlier that evening Jessica’s parents left her in charge of her four younger siblings Iris, Jessie, Blaze, and Nicki while they went out for date night. Throughout the night they played games and watched movies, while the movie was playing the twins Iris and Jessie fell asleep on the couch so Jessica had to bring them upstairs but before she went she told blaze and Nicki to not move from the couch because she would be right back. After Jessica put the twins to bed she was walking downstairs and as she peaked over the banister blaze and Nicki were nowhere to be seen, a wave of panic rushes through Jessica as her eyes start darting frantically all over the living room. Afraid she would wake the twins by calling out for blaze and Nicki she decided to just look in their usual hiding spots…show more content…
But before the go upstairs she makes sure to remind them not to tell mom or dad about what happened to the china. Jessica picks up the box and as she’s ready to go throw the box away she hears the keys jingle in the keyhole and when that happens she becomes so startled that she drops the box and it makes a loud cracking noise. Afraid her parents heard the noise she quickly disposes of the box ad sits down at the table pretending to do homework. As her parents walk in they start chatting about the kids, and how their date went and while talking her mom decides that she wants a glass of wine and asks of her husband if he would like some to, which he replies with a yes. As soon as her mom walks off Jessica remembers that the wine is in the dining room, and she goes silent while her dad is still chatting her ear off. As the sounds of high heels clicking against the tile floor comes to a halt Jessica turns and see her mom with her jaw clenched and a very stern look on her face and that’s when Jessica realizes that she had done a poor job of hiding the

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