Breaking The Law By Frank Tippett Analysis

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Every day people are breaking the law, but people do not even know it. Frank Tippett in his passage, states that many people are breaking the law and do not know that they are. He supports his statement by giving examples and backing those examples up. The authors uses a harsh tone for those who break the minor laws that keep the people safe. The authors statement is well put together and is put to the point very well. Many people believe that it is okay to break the minor laws because no one will get hurt. For example they believe it is okay to speed sometimes. It can be okay to speed and all depends on the place where the person is speeding and the time. Like it is okay to speed when no one is around and out in the rural. However it is better not to speed at all, because what happens if your brakes go out and the person cannot stop, the person can be harshly injured or it could be a fatal crash. For instance, my Uncle Tommy was in a car crash up in Palm Springs. He was speeding and fell asleep at the wheel and if he did not have a seatbelt on he would of died, but luckily he had it on. He was paralyzed on his left side and the doctors said it would be a miracle if he survived for more than a month, he…show more content…
One day in the news I observed a collision with a car and a JAywalker. The JAywalker died and the driver got their licence taken away. they got it taken away because the driver was drunk and driving. If the JAywalker used the light instead of just walking there was a chance of them living to this day. People also believe that littering will not do any harm to anyone or anything well they are wrong. Everyday people litter and everyday there is an animal eating that litter or getting stuck in the it. The animals can get sick from eating it or they could even die. Same thing for getting stuck in it they could die. It is not okay to break the minor laws even if people think it will not do any
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