Breaking The Norm

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Introduction Explaining the Breeching of the Norm When I was asked to do this assignment I was somewhat confused, because I really didn’t have anything come to mind. I have been comfortable with myself my whole life I have said basically what I wanted to say a certain degree. So me trying to break a norm of mine I didn’t know if I had any. This experiment was challenging in a way I had to sit down and figure out what is a breech for me. I can’t really breech people in Edinboro University. I am pretty much known around campus, and people will pick up on I am playing a joke. The breech will be over before it even started, so I had to go to my family. The reason is I am a different person when I am around my family. I can be a class clown on campus, but boring in my house. Occasionally I will crack wise here or there, but not to an extent to cross the line. The breech I chose to do my assignment on is “Breeching the Expectancy That a Knowledge of a Relationship of Interaction Is a Commonly Entertained Scheme of Communication”, and I did it with the one person I know I will get a reaction from my mother. Breaking the Norm in the Household One weekend during this semester I went home to do the breech assignment, and I got to say I was really nervous figuring out how…show more content…
She was embarrassed about the story I just made up. She then tried to reason with me by saying she understands I am getting older. I was shocked on how my breech assignment fell into place. She started using ethnomethodology responses to try to make sense to what I told her about the condoms. In my opinion she was using it so she can calm herself down. My mother started asking me questions on how am I doing in class. Is everything ok in college? She is trying to figure out why I am acting like this. To her my mother thought I was being irrational. Since I am at college I am going through a transition period being out on my own for the first
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