Breaking The Veil Essay

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This frame,in particular, is important because it showcases the idea of the Guardians of the Revolution, specifically the woman that were in charge of arresting girls or women who were improperly dressed or veiled. During the Islamic Revolution, in Tehran, the women of their country were forced to wear veils and if they were to be caught not following the specific laws set they would be reprimanded for being disobedient. In the actually frame, Satrapi was on her way back home from buying Kim Wilde and Camel tapes. As she proceeded on her journey home, she was stopped by the Guardians of the Revolution because of her westernized attire, even though she wore a veil which was apart of their culture, it wasn 't on properly. The women that stopped…show more content…
She even cried so they freed her to go home, I conclude that they had a bit of sympathy left in them. These frames reflect the theme of being a women and femininity, they had strict guidelines to what they could and couldn 't wear mainly the veil, which was not an option. The committee felt that westernized clothing was too revealing and lead to lustful stares from men so they wore veils and clothing that literally covered their whole body, which soon became apart of their culture. (Even today, Muslim woman still wear the veils and complete coverage clothing) By all means, Muslims disagreed with all of western cultures and tried their hardest to keep it out of Tehran. This frame was Satrapi 's first encounter with the guardians, it goes to show that it 's very dangerous out in Tehran for women and that if you don 't follow the dress code expectation as a women it could lead to you being reprimanded by the government, then, as well as now it isn 't too good. Based upon Satrapi 's behavior we see that she indeed is a "natural rebel" because it 's not like she didn 't know the expectations that were placed on her because of her sex. This foreshadows the Satrapi we will know later on in the book as far as what she will say and do
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