Breaking Up America Case Study

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Question One According to Turows book “Breaking up America a Dominate trend in advertising is target marketing where companies market to certain demographic of people. The Merchants of cool supports Turows thesis and taps into how advertisers now other than mass marketing to housewives they now target market to Mooks, Midriffs, and Tweens. Mooks are young men who are rude and crude and described as a group that likes wrestling and MTV’s jackass movies and any enjoy any type of in your face activities. They love to buy video games featuring violence and sports. Marketers count on Mooks, Midriffs and Tweens to nag their parents out billions of dollars annually.Mooks are young men between teens and twenty years of age. Midriffs are hypersexualized…show more content…
driving a Mercedes or BMW are a symbol of having money so people buy them to give an air of having money even if they don’t have a lot of money…. We tie wealth to cars so much that when we see people driving a certain car we in society immediately assume they are rich. So in those terms our consumption becomes our identity. Identity when tied to tweens has to do with consumption based on an identity of trying to seem cool or fit in. Question Two Model of racial communication 1. Mainstream Culture: Prototypes are use of negative stereotypes for outgroups e.g. all black men portrayed as dangerous or criminals in the media. 2. Media Personal and organization: News reporters and staff use rituals as common sense in gaging of their use of prototypes when developing stories that meet deadlines and still seem objective. 3. Market Demands: Looking for the sensationalized stories to draw in viewers. E.g. black paper in less entertainment pieces but featured in stories that have to do with crimes. 4. Political Pressure: Politician race baiting and constantly depicting blacks and minorities in negative ways, Politicians being covered in the
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