Breaking Up Discussion Questions

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Sometimes the relationship has been ended for a long time, but the feeling is not. Some couples are break up by some reasons that may be confused and let them curious why they have to break up and they still cannot to forget the memories that they have been together. When the time has passed and they meet to each other again, it may be a good or worst chance to express what they have been thinking for a long time in a conversation and they may still want to know the word from each other to answer the question in their mind.

This video clip illustrates a scenario when the couple that has been broken up are meet again.

Lead-In Discussion
1. Do you think that break up is the
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Why did she want to talk with the man?
5. What did they like in each other?
6. Why he can 't go to her place?
7. Are they still loving to each other?
8. What does he/she want from each other?

Follow Up Discussion
1. What do you think of the video? Can you relate? How?
2. Do you think they want to start over again or not?
3. Did you ever in the similar situation like the video?
4. If you have a chance to talk with your ex, you will talk or not?
5. What is the best memory in your relationship?
6. Can you explain why do you love your current partner?

Debate Statements
Statement Agree It depends Dis-agree Reasons, examples, opinions
Break up is the end of a relationship.
Everyone can talk with their ex.

Everyone always has a person that you will never forget.
Sometimes looking at the past is a good thing.
Crying is help you to express your feeling.
Everyone always has a good memory and they want to keep it forever.

Useful words

Curious (adj) when you want to know something but you cannot find the answer.
Silliness (n) stupid, dumb, crazy.
Genuinely (adv) truly, actually.
Toxic (n) poison, bad, terrible.
Regret (v/n) sad, disappointment,
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