Breakup Procedure

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Many articles on how to get over a breakup focus on reliving the relationship, realizing why it ran its course, and changing the way you talk to yourself about the breakup, and those are all very good things to do directly after a breakup if you want to start moving into a better place. But, this guide will focus on unique actionable steps that you can take to not just start to move into a better place but instantly be in a better place.

After a breakup, life can feel out of control. You are suddenly thrown into a new life where all your previous goals, habits, and plans are slightly different. You no longer are living the familiar routine with your partner. And, you no longer have the support (no matter how bad it was) that a partner can
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In addition, a clean kitchen (and bathroom for that matter) will make you feel more comfortable inviting people over. And because getting over a breakup requires a support system to help you perceive things in different ways and work through issues, you want to be ready for anyone who decides to come over and offer their support.

In the evening, take some time to completely clean your kitchen. All dishes should be put in the dishwasher and cleaned. Food should be put away. The counters should be cleaned. The kitchen table should be cleaned and organized. This way the next day all you have to do is clean up after yourself to maintain a clean kitchen.

If you need some inspiration for this, is a great place to go. She talks about a clean sink often. Going to bed with a clean sink every night gives you a feeling of accomplishment. Feeling accomplished means feeling successful on some level, and you need to feel successful after a breakup where feeling like you failed in some way is a common lingering emotion.

In fact, having a regular personal morning routine, a clean bathroom, a clean kitchen, and a made bed will all help you feel more successful in your day. When you pay attention to those things, there is more purpose in your life, which adds more feelings of happiness and hopefulness, which will decrease the time it takes to get over a
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