Breast Augmentation Case Study

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Breast Augmentation Revision Baton Rouge
At the Oaks at Goodwood Medical Spa in Baton Rouge, Dr. Thomas Guillot assists individuals who are interested in having a breast augmentation revision.

The three most common reasons that individuals in Baton Rouge decide to have a breast augmentation revision include:

1. To increase/decrease the size of their implants.
2. To correct capsular contracture, a condition resulting from scar tissue that forms around the implants. This formation can cause the breasts to become hard; therefore, changing the way they look or feel. Furthermore, capsular contracture may cause discomfort as the capsule tightens. Dr. Guillot can correct this problem with an augmentation revision.
3. To improve the appearance of
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Guillot’s dedication to his patients is evident in that he takes a careful, thorough approach to each procedure he performs; thus, ensuring his patients receive the best care available in or near Baton Rouge.

Breast Augmentation Revision Surgery in Baton Rouge – The Procedure(s) Used Depends on the Issues Being Addressed

Dr. Guillot performs his surgical procedures at the First Choice Surgery Center in Baton Rouge. A breast augmentation revision surgery can last from one to two hours: The length of time greatly depends on the problems being addressed.


Anesthesia is an essential aspect of all surgical procedures, including revisions. Anesthesia ensures that you remain asleep and pain free during surgery; therefore, you will receive some form of anesthesia during your breast augmentation revision surgery at the First Choice Surgery Center in Baton Rouge.

Prior to your revision with Dr. Guillot in Baton Rouge, he will discuss with you which type(s)of anesthesia he believes will serve you best.

Surgical Procedures Frequently Used to Correct Breast Augmentation Problems in Baton Rouge

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A capsulotomy is the technique used when a patient wants to exchange a smaller implant for a larger one. This technique allows Dr. Guillot to enlarge the pocket and reposition the implant.

Pocket Change

A severe capsular contracture usually requires a pocket change: An implant previously placed submuscularly may need to be repositioned subglandularly (or vice versa). Additionally, a pocket change can allow Dr. Guillot to place additional tissue over the breast implant and/or improve the way a subglandular implant looks.

Symmastia Repair

To repair a symmastia, the skin that lays over the sternum is sutured back down and the medial pockets are closed off, creating two discreet pockets.


This procedure is commonly performed to address symmastia, bottoming out or lateral subluxation. During this procedure, Dr. Guillot moves the location of the pocket or adjusts the width and height of the pocket. This is usually accomplished via the original augmentation incision.

Tuberous Breast Deformity

This repair requires a breast augmentation, release of breast tissue and a circumareolar
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