Breast Cancer In My Family

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Two years ago was the most devastating experience that my family has ever had to go through. Cancer can be a very depressing illness and only the strong survive. That’s what I tell my grandmother every time we talk about her journey of battling breast cancer. Seeing my grandmother happy and in a healthy state again makes me cherish every moment I spend with her, as well as the rest of my loved ones. My cancer experience made me realize that even the slightest moments in life that you share with your family is often taken for granted. These times should be valued rather than left in the dust. Cancer removed the quality time from the family and was spent on lots of worry and mourn. My family and I have formed a mindset that you should not wait until one is sick to show your unconditional love for them. The thought of a family member suffering from cancer makes you more conscious of what you can do to make sure you’re in the healthiest state. You want to start exercising, eating better, and just doing things that are going to contribute in a positive way to your health. I never want my family to have a scare like that and live a depressing life; let alone myself. Any little positive thing you do can make a difference in your health.…show more content…
I am conscious of the fact that I too have a precious life and I should not waste it. My goal is to further my education and have a career in personal styling. I plan for my aspirations, dreams, and everything I would like to pursue to remain
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