Breast Cancer Survivor: A Case Study

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My group’s client is a sixty year old female breast cancer survivor. With her age and cancer battle, her health couldn’t be pristine or perfect. We decided that she is at a healthy weight though. We assumed she hadn’t really done much physical activity besides walking so we started on a fresh slate. Our goal was to help our client demolish the 5k, by training correctly, just like she demolished her cancer. We gave our client a certain set of guidelines that she needed to follow every single week. They were pretty basic and obvious, but very important. Without them her body could weaken or not improve enough to be able to run a 5k. Those guidelines consisted of getting eight to ten hours of sleep each night, a healthy diet, and drinking at least sixty four ounces of water each day. We told her to eat three healthy meals a day, along with one snack. We also advised her to stretch before and after each physical activity to avoid hurting herself, as well as dressing appropriately for the weather so she doesn’t get sick or overheat.…show more content…
We did this so our client would not overwork herself, but instead slowly improve her endurance so she would be able to do those things. The last week did not increase in difficulty though. It more or less stayed the same as week five, it might have even decreased in difficulty. We did this because we didn’t want her to tire herself out right before the 5k. She will have time to relax her body, and make sure it is in shape for the
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